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Sex and the Celebrity Chef

By Miladysa, editor, author of Refuge of Delayed Souls

Feb 22, 2009: Tyler is a Celebrity Chef – the A List dine in his restaurant and a guest spot on the Leno show takes a place in his diary. He wants it ALL and some – you could say he is insatiable and that is why he decided to name his restaurant accordingly.

Chloe is his Personal Manager – her role includes (but not limited to) letting him play with her hair, taking him to the hospital when he slices his hand instead of the frozen demi-glace and sexually arousing him when his confidence needs a boost. Well, perhaps not all the time, just when he has been dumped by his latest girlfriend and rumour has it that Oprah has a table booked.

Despite their obvious attraction to each other they have failed to fully consummate their relationship, though the way the story is going – that should not be for much longer. On the other hand, maybe the author plans to let them smoulder for a little while longer.

So far, with only 7 short chapters, Insatiable is your general run of the mill erotic romance. New chapters are posted weekly.

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