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Fantasy/Horror with a Slow Build-up — Promising But Difficult To Review Till More Done

By ArtNJ, member

Jul 18, 2018: Seventeen chapters are posted, and they are mostly very well done, but the build-up is slow enough that things are really just starting to get going. A mercenary captain of a 3 person squad agrees to head into "the Marsh" to look for a Baron’s lost logging team that vanished in mysterious circumstances. She takes on 2 new recruits, and is provided with 2 others by the Baron. The marsh is "corrupted" manifesting in ways unknown, plus creeping cannibalistic trees. There is some effort to revealing the character and to some extent the backstory of the team members, and a growing sense of disquiet. Finally, towards the end of what is written, things seem to be gelling, and we are getting enough action and a sense of progression towards big and perhaps horrible events.

If the slow build-up doesn’t put you off, I’m starting to sense real potential in the story as things start to gel and gain steam. However, with the slow build, 17 chapters isn’t enough to be sure if this story will be layered or deep enough to keep attention once things really start to unfold.

I’m going to subtract a star for a slightly too slow build-up, but at this point my 4 out of 5 star rating isn’t completely earned—I’m interested in reading more, but there just isn’t enough here yet to be sure its worth sticking with.

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