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By Winna, member

Jan 2, 2014: I think the cliches were on purpose, the story turns from a typical western, into a weird western very quickly.

I used to like Weird Westerns when I was a boy, I loved that old television show "The Wild Wild West" back in the sixties, I was about ten years old then. They were pretty wooden and slow. But, newer takes on the genre, like Firefly, have been absolutely enthralling. This is starting to turn that direction.

I hope to see more from this author, as an African-American I rarely get to see badass black characters, and yet alone in a western. This guy, Tom Marcus, is a badass, he’s "been everywhere", and he’s probably got about a million more secrets hidden under that hat. I can’t wait to see more of this. This would even make a kickass movie.

Also, why are Heaven Sent Gaming’s other two novels not listed on this site? These guys, and gal, are pretty great at the stuff they do.

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