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Dystopian Magic

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Apr 24, 2016: One of the things I liked about Jumping Rings is that you’re jumping into the deep end right away with the story. As readers, we follow the parallel stories of Taslin, a young woman who chooses to become a gladiator, and Valran, a young man who chooses to become a slave, both in order to climb in their position in society into the inner rings of their civilization, which ensures safety against everything that’s being walled out.

I really liked the way the author lets the details of the world come out to the reader as we watch the characters’ journeys into their new situations, and the way we’re left to wonder about some things and theorize about others. The author also does a good job of slowly fleshing out the characters to readers, something I enjoyed a good deal as I read.

We’re presented with the evidence of the dystopian society in the immediate storyline, but magic takes a while longer to establish itself as part of the story, although it’s hinted at for a while beforehand. I liked the way the author used hints and teases to make the reader wonder what was to come. I found the writing in general compelling, well edited, and fun to read.

I would give this story a higher ranking, but it is unfinished, which is problematic for some. If you don’t mind that sort of thing, I recommend the story to anyone who likes a well-told tale about futuristic dystopian societies, especially those with some magic to them.

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