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Juryokine by Adam Bolander


For three months, Gravity Storms have been tearing Yasmik apart and neither the humans nor their winged neighbors, the Sorakines, are safe from them. One hotheaded young Sorakine named Zashiel is convinced that the Storms are being caused deliberately, but she’s unable to find evidence to back up her claims. She chooses Toke, a budding inventor studying under the most brilliant mind in Yasmik, to act as her spy—whether he wants to or not. But the task she’s set out for him can’t be completed by a mere human. Toke must inherit the gravity altering powers of a Sorakine, and become something more than human: a Juryokine.

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Human or Sorakine, Adventure All The Same

By Hejin57, author of Music Masters

Dec 27, 2018: As I’ve said before, young adult adventure stories can be hard to write.

There’s a delicate balance between the familiar and the innovative, and often times I see a lot of these stories try to juggle between being super original yet mainstream enough to succeed.

The thing is, those things don’t matter so much in the end. What truly matters, is good writing, good characters, a good narrative, and most of all, [more . . .]

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A polished, enthusiastic young adventure story.

By Sharkerbob, author of Graven

Dec 24, 2018: Juryokine is a fun and really solidly written piece of YA literature. It follows a bit of that classic "humble boy meets spunky girl, adventures and shenanigans ensue" formula that leads to an enjoyable tale of heroism and acceptance.

The fantasy world presented is an interesting one, where in there is only one blatantly supernatural element (the gravity control powers of the winged Sorakine race), while the technology of the human society could be seen as simply an alternate path to [more . . .]

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