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Kandy Fangs: Venom by David G Shrock


Non-linear story.

Peter Gray takes over his recently departed father’s dream in the restaurant business, but an odd grand-opening gift infects Peter pushing him into the Roseland underground. With the help of two employees, Nine and Tigris (aka Tiger), Peter battles organized crime to discover his future depends on Kandy, a former hired killer. Fleeing a powerful vampire, Kandy becomes entangled with Peter’s fate and needs his help to escape.

Note: Kandy Fangs: Venom contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Dec 3, 2013

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A vampire dancing with time, memories and death

By Feidor S. LaView, author of Seagrave's Journey

Jan 8, 2015: Kandy Fangs: Venom is an ongoing, non linear, urban fantasy serial continuing the story on Kandy Fangs 1. However, you don’t need to read Book 1 to enjoy Venom.

With a visual, dark and mesmerizing style, Venom brings hypertextual storytelling to a “cinematic” level. While you can choose a linear reading experience, Venom actually shines in full splendor when you start messing with the time-lines and the characters’ paths to build your own version of the story.

Just like a movie editor does when editing stuff from different reels, you can stay with a particular character for any number of chapters, and then switch to another. Your decision may lead you into a previously narrated event, where now slight changes have occurred, or even into a loop, infinitely crossing-over from Venom to Book 1 and back again . . . The fact that the author may include more of these “wormholes” connecting Venom and Book 1 in future installments, opens an interesting perspective.

Interestingly enough, the more the story advances the more sense the world in Kandy Fangs makes. No surprise though, because Shrock not only created a plot and a set of characters here, but a lore of his own that expands and enriches the vampire myth: the Itoril people. Simply wonderful.


Some of you may find odd that Kandy’s parts are narrated in first person while the rest are third-person narrations, but to me this just adds to a serial which is dealing with different points of view. You may also find the serial on hiatus from time to time, but Kandy Fangs is well worth the wait, if any!

Don’t miss it.

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