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Katalepsis by HY

A web serial of cosmic horror, urban fantasy, and making friends with strange people 

Nightmares and hallucinations have plagued Heather Morell all her life.

Diagnosed with schizophrenia as a child after the loss of her twin—a sister who never really existed—now struggling with her mental health at university, Heather teeters on the verge of giving up on life. A chance meeting ends in a revelation: she is not crazy, her visions are all too real, and probably want to eat her soul.

Embroiled with a crippled, bad-tempered magician and her self-proclaimed ‘bodyguard’, Heather rapidly descends into a world of terrifying magic and otherworldly monsters, in an effort to stay sane, bring back the dead, and maybe, just maybe, make out with cool older girls.

Note: Katalepsis contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating sporadically

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Listed: Jul 15, 2019

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By tkayo, author of blacklight

Nov 2, 2019: SHORT VERSION:

spooky eldritch shit but without a lot of the bullshit you usually get attached to that, and also good as shit and non-creepy lesbians. go read it.


Katalepsis falls somewhere in-between the genres of urban fantasy and eldritch horror – more of the vibe of the former but the content of the latter, if I had to try and [more . . .]

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Compelling and gay: the two things I look for in a story

By A. B. Boekelheide, author of Fishbowl

Sep 17, 2019: Katalepsis tells the story of Heather Morell, a college student tormented by nightmarish visions she believes to be schizophrenic hallucinations. After a chance encounter with an attractive young woman, Heather learns that her visions are real, and she is thrust into a world of monstrous spirits, horrifying alien dimensions, and unexpected friendships.

From the first chapter, this is an extremely engaging story. The author does a great job striking the right balance of withholding enough information to intrigue readers without confusing [more . . .]

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