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Kill The Joker: Survival Game by galakei

Redemption is a fickle thing. 

Nine detectives and nine serial killers find themselves playing a dangerous survival game of deductions, pretending, and—murder. With your life and alias on the line, what would you give up for a shot at redemption?

The main premise and kick of KtJ is that it is a guessing game of sorts. 18 high school students of various ages and backgrounds come together and are given aliases, such as “King”, “Killer”, or as the protagonist is aptly named—”Protagonist”. They do not know each others’ identities, and what’s more—9 of them are anonymous detectives, and 9 of them are serial killers.

The cast is given a list of their names, and a list of the identities of the serial killers and detectives they are being held hostage with, and are forced to interact to guess the identities. The people who are able to connect all identities will get “a special advantage” in the killing game, but it isn’t specified what.

Alongside this, each cast member is given three secrets they are able to reveal at any point for an advantage in the killing game as well. However, one of these secrets is their name, and revealing that secret will result in a minor “punishment” as well.

Note: Kill The Joker: Survival Game contains some graphic violence.

An ongoing scripted series, with new episodes weekly

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Listed: Mar 9, 2019


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