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By Fiona Gregory, editor

Dec 30, 2014: Drop into a bizarre version of our world in which superhero is a profession which an anxious teen might drift into because that’s what the folks do (despite the lack of any, you know, superpowers), time travel and alternate realities are a perfectly reasonable explanation for why a girl doesn’t know her grandparents, and demons, telepaths, sphinxes and gargoyles are characters you might run into at any time. I don’t know how ordinary people survive in this world, but otherwise life is pretty much as usual.

Our main character is a typical 18 year old just trying to find her place and defend herself from various supervillains who are out to get her. And yeah, she’s only "kinda" super, and just starting to figure out the gay thing, (which you’d think wouldn’t be too much of a upset to someone who has two moms, one transgender.) Though unassuming, as the story progresses she is developing into a genuine badass, or at least, a somewhat competent hero.

If you squint the story mainly makes sense, but there’s a strong streak of the ridiculous such that I don’t think you’re supposed to take it too seriously (like a Douglas Adams novel). The best thing about it: it’s random and funny, a nice bit of light relief that’s helped me get through this stressful time of year. Quips, puns, and irony abound – there’s even a clever riddle.

Watch out if you’re in the closet – the huge rainbow flag title image may out you!

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