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Kings & Queens by Blaine Sabin


Kings & Queens is set in the militaristic nation of Solis. Here, citizens are born with Scars – marks of the past that grant their Vessels with abilities. Some Scars give unimaginable power. Others are nothing more than deadly curses. And for six-hundred years, the nation has lived like this under the protection of the Queen-Divines. But when the last one is assassinated under mysterious circumstances, order devolves into a battle of power, wealth, and zealotry that will forever shape the nation and its people. Because time, time remembers all wounds.

Note: Kings & Queens contains some graphic sexual content, graphic violence, and harsh language.

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly

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Listed: Sep 23, 2015


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Basically Everything I’m Looking For.

By TakenTongue, member

Nov 13, 2015: Disclosure: Part of a review swap, but still an honest assessment.

I say with clear intention that Kings & Queens has everything I’m looking for in a serial, because quite honestly that’s the truth. It may not be a perfect story, but it’s certainly got enough going for it for me to really want to keep up.

Kings & Queens opens with a first chapter that introduces you to its world without [more . . .]

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No title

By Rakan, member

Oct 29, 2015: How do you explain a story that is compelling and deep without giving away spoilers? It’s hard. Kings and Queens was a lot of fun to read, and there’s a lot of depth to it. The characters are solid, and the world in which they live is well-thought out. In fact, that’s what originally drew me to this story. The world is really interesting, and not everything is given away immediately. That, for me, is a draw. Over the course of the chapters that are out, I’ve been given a [more . . .]

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Highly Original Modern Fantasy

By JPV1000, author of Warbler

Nov 6, 2015: Kings and Queens is really freaking great 80% of the time. It’s got a couple of elements that are potentially problematic, however. I really love how the author handles the Secondary World Urban Fantasy elements-it’s clearly not our world, but also easily avoids being derivative. It’s highly original, and Bennett is an amazingly compelling character. (Actually, almost all of them are, with on exception that I’ll get to later.) The magic system slots perfectly into ‘Sanderson’s Law’, ie the concept that to solve problems with magic in a story, the [more . . .]

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