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Basically Everything I’m Looking For.

By TakenTongue, member

Nov 13, 2015: Disclosure: Part of a review swap, but still an honest assessment.

I say with clear intention that Kings & Queens has everything I’m looking for in a serial, because quite honestly that’s the truth. It may not be a perfect story, but it’s certainly got enough going for it for me to really want to keep up.

Kings & Queens opens with a first chapter that introduces you to its world without burying you in jargon or new terminology. The mythos of the world is explained throughout the chapter by the events unfolding, not for the sake of explaining. It makes for a tight, quick narrative that has short enough chapters to make me keep going, as well as consider editing my own first chapter, it’s done so well. As a side note, each chapter in Kings & Queens (at least in the beginning) are on the shorter side. Personally, I really enjoy this, but if you enjoy longer chapters, fair warning.

(As an aside: I really liked the chapter titles coinciding with song names. It helps that my musical taste seems similar to the author’s.)

I don’t want to give away any plot elements, but aside from a few minor issues in pacing and tone (specifically the transition between chapters 5 and 6 threw me off momentarily), this story is a fantastic start into a world that I legitimately want to keep learning about.

As for the rating of four stars; I feel as if the direction on the story will alter the score, most likely for the better, but it’s a fantastic start and I’m ready to see where it all goes. If you’re into urban fantasy that seems much more grounded than fantastical, this is an excellent story for you.

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