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Knave by acediamonds


A theft gone wrong leads to Cameron Pierce being detained by the local superheroes. Through the work of a friend, a criminal mastermind, Cameron avoids being sent to jail only to land in a different kind of prison. Forced into being a superhero, Cameron has to deal with the danger of the life of a crime fighter, teammates who are hardly paragons of virtues themselves, and an evil scheme she inadvertently helped set in motion.

Note: Knave is unfinished, with no recent updates.  It contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, with no recent updates

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Listed: Mar 1, 2014


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Porting Plotlines

By Unillustrated, author of Citadel

Sep 11, 2014: ****SPOILERS *** WARNING *** SPOILERS****

Knave reminds me of modern comics. That seems a little obvious since its a superhero story but stick with me.

The initial story and premise both show promise. A young super powered thief, Cameron, is caught and forced to be a hero as a form of community service/probation. The catch is, she works for a mastermind type villain who engineered her capture to place her as a mole within the hero community.

As a result the reader gets to see Cameron trying to balance her obligations to both sides of the cape spectrum while struggling to control those impulses that would jeopardize her probationary status while simultaneously returning to high school life and getting to know her new team mates.

The writing is good, though clearly inexperienced. A few scenes felt a little unbalanced but the story flows well. I would have been happy to stick with it and see where the author went.

This is the part where Knave reminds me of modern comics. After the first major story arc is complete, there’s a reboot. The author skips ahead in time and we get to see Cameron, a now established hero, trying to get revenge on the criminal organization that killed / kidnapped her father while struggling to control her criminal mastermind / mentor’s organization.

Both stories had promise but the jump from one to the other is more than a little jarring. Added to this, Cameron v2.0 feels a little different. Some of her motivations and relationships with the other supers have changed. To be fair, the author states that this reboot is experimental and may not stay in place. Also, it happened in the first place because of his/her own dissatisfaction with the story’s initial beginning.

Obviously, an author is always justified in rewriting or changing their own story but I can’t help but feel that he/she would have been better off either leaving the original or completely replacing it with the new story. I might have enjoyed either one but reading both killed it for me.

I might give it a little more time, for the situation to clarify, then try Knave again.

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