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Legend of Hero by Baxil

What makes a game more real: when you can reach into it, or when it can reach out to you? 

Nothing interesting ever happens in the small town of Pitt Creek. Even when magic suddenly becomes a tangible force—and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide transform into animals and mythological creatures—the Changes’ closest approach is as dramatic video footage on the 6 o’clock news.

Kevin MacArthur and his friends want to be a part of that—to have their lives become like one of the video games they love. Instead, what they get is their video games coming to life.

First, a fictional character saves Kevin from a car crash. Then a creature of living shadow offers him a magical pendant, which opens a doorway to a land under siege. Kevin, David and Trent journey to a world of magic weapons, healing potions, boss monsters, and an ambitious ruler with a plan to affect Earth itself. In order to help the Shadowlands, the unexpected heroes must first determine how the games they love fit in to their quest—and whether the strange world unfolding in front of their eyes is even real.

Note: Legend of Hero is unfinished, and will likely remain so.  It contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

An abandoned novel

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Listed: Feb 12, 2009

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Editorial Reviews

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A Fun RPG Experience

By Drew Daniels, editor

Apr 11, 2009: As an avid RPG gamer with years of D&D, Final Fantasy, Zelda and numerous other games under my belt, I adored the idea of being sucked into a fantasy game.

The story starts on Earth in the mid 90’s in a small town in which nothing ever happens until suddenly Kevin (one of the main characters) gets hit by a car and is saved by a character from one of his favorite video games. From here, the main plot of the story begins to unfold.

I’ve seen other reviews that state that this story’s world is better explained in other novels previously written. I would have to take their word for it as I haven’t read anything else by Baxil and with the exception of a few exposition heavy moments, Baxil does a decent job of explaining the world as it pertains to the characters. I actually enjoy reading this before his other novels as it allows me to feel like these characters and have a sense of "What the hell is happening in the world."

Baxil’s use of descriptive text is excellent, even going so far as to retcon a few pieces with questionable or otherwise "sketchy" descriptors. The layout of the site is easily navigable and clean-cut. If there were any gramatical errors, they were easily dismissed, as I don’t remember them.

One of the main beefs that I had with this story is a common one when it comes to stories that deal in multiple viewpoints, and that is that the perspective jumps around quite frequently. Often it jumps in quite a jarring way at times when I feel it should continue with the current character.

The other beef is simply that the sotry does seem to progress slowly. This is a pretty minor beef but it needs to be said for those readers who enjoy fast-paced stories.

Overall, Baxil delivers a pretty solid representation of life in a game with and incredible amount of gaming nuances running the gamut from random encounters and loot, to experiencing your first dungeon-crawl and the thrill that comes from being a level 1 character and beating down an "End Boss" that’s already demolished a small army.

If you are an RPG Gamer you’ll have fun with this story, if not however, you’ll enjoy it, but many of the nuances will be entirely lost on you.

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A good read for longtime gamers

By thaumaturgy, member

Mar 19, 2009: (Disclosure: I am a longtime friend of the author’s.)

The author has a lot of talent as a storyteller, and a fair bit of experience as a hobbyist in a few genres, mostly writing short stories. He’s able to craft unique characters, describe settings well, and otherwise develop a charming, memorable tale.

This story especially will resonate with role-playing gamers—which I’m not, so there are probably a bunch of little in-jokes and [more . . .]

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Fairly solid for RPG fans, but can still use polish

By mercen4ry, member

Mar 28, 2009: (Disclosure: I’m also a friend of the author, and proofread first drafts of this serial)

I’m going to build on thaumaturgy’s review, in particular, to add some details that seem to be missing. It’s a good review (currently given above).

First, this novel is actually set in the TTU universe. While the work stands on its own, and bends over backwards to explain elements that may not be familiar to readers, reading [more . . .]

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