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Interesting Premise But Dense Prose

By Frances Gonzalez, member

Feb 24, 2009: Good site design, easy to navigate.

What’s evident right off the bat is that the backstory and world is intensely—and admirably—developed. The main problem? Deciding whether or not you want to read all the purple prose in order to learn more about that world. Mostly the prose works beautifully, as in the first chapters of roaring seas and storms. But even then it gets clunky with examples such as: "The sea was like molten lead, heaving in a great cauldron." So . . . everyone on the ship is on fire from sailing in liquid metal?

Due to the dense prose, the story takes a bit of an investment and starts off very slowly, but it has great potential if you’re willing to work through it. The author clearly has a plan in mind, and the occasional brilliant image sticks with you. I’ll be checking into it again in the future.

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