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Less Than Heroic by M.K. Moore

They're trying to be heroes. She's trying to stop. 

Having super powers isn’t always fun. For Molly, it means isolation, dangerous impulses, and a hero complex that gets her in trouble as much as it helps anyone. For Aaron, it means crippling headaches, nightmares, and medication for a condition he doesn’t have.

When Molly’s thrill-seeking gains her a reputation as a dangerous vigilante, her father forces her to move somewhere remote, hoping for one last chance at a normal life. But Laurence Lake isn’t as quiet as it seems to be, and while she’s trying to stay out of trouble, Aaron and his friends are seeking it out. And even though they have powers, they’re not exactly heroes. Their attempts to stop impending disaster may end up causing something worse . . . 

A serialized novel, updating fortnightly

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Listed: May 6, 2015

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Teenagers and Superpowers

By Syphax, author of Stone Burners

Jun 4, 2015: I remember being a snarky little shit when I was a teenager, not too long ago. I also remember everyone around me also being snarky little shits in between bouts of getting kicked in the teeth by hormones. This may explain the fact that, despite not doing anything groundbreaking, Less Than Heroic rather endeared itself to me.

The story follows two parties. The first we meet is Molly, a teenage girl with control over water. Unfortunately, as a side effect of [more . . .]

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Super powered teenagers, what could go wrong!

By RileyOR, member

Nov 21, 2015: Having read up to the last post, I thoroughly enjoyed Less than Heroic for many reasons, the main being how well the author was able to show each characters personalities and how they struggled to cope with their powers, all while trying to figure out how they fit in in high school.

Seeing super powers written in a story where they are not a common occurrence isn’t anything surprising or new, but keeping the readers (myself at least) wondering how these [more . . .]

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