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Thrilling first impression!

By Pietroschek, member

Oct 18, 2015: As a newbie at the Web Fiction Guide ‘Level 51 – Night of the Wolf’ was the first story I started reading. I only read the prologue by now, but I do seriously consider it worthy of an own review.

The start is easy to understand, the writing style does not waste much time, atmosphere and imagination can build up, so there is nothing to moan about.

Contextually I like it that the first scene begins to introduce both, the culprit and the team of protagonists, as this starts preparing the reader for a style which will be consistent in the following parts.

The prose is easy to understand, which I, as a Non-Native Speaker of the English language, consider a benefit, as the more readers can easily get into it the more fans it may score.

The chapters have good descriptions without becoming too lengthy. The prologue can easily be read completely within five minutes. Such a time-efficient approach is admirable, as it needs a certain mood and spare time or vacation, to indulge the classic old books in my opinion.

Level 51 – Night of the Wolf makes a very good impression, and is quality enough that I wouldn’t have been surprised to see it as a supplement to products like ‘Hunter the Reckoning or Hunter the Vigil’ or ‘The Supernatural RPG’.

To clarify this: Classic novels are not necessarily good stories for roleplaying games. This one is a well-written exception. It even made me remember roleplaying a FBI team of paranormal investigators in the decades old ‘Project Twilight’ add-on to ‘Werewolf the Apocalypse’ by White Wolf Inc.!

Whatever the story may still bring-on, the prologue is a nice and worthy reading. Plus, I am quite certain that genre fans will enjoy it. Sherlock had a ‘Study in Pink’ this one here could be the adult version! 😉

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