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Life as an Electron by e-

I lead a charged life, and from my perspective, getting there is all of the fun. As nice as it is to hang out in a p-shell with a few of my friends, I get bored after I've counted the Protons and the Neutrons. 

Follow e- the free Electron. Look at the world from a new perspective. Solve the puzzle and follow the clues to discover the travels of e- through your picoverse.

Life as an Electron, the seminal member of the Coffee Break Blog stable, offers the Science Minded, budding Experimenters and Educators the ability to participate in the adventures of e- and join a growing community of readers and followers.

Peer into the picoworld though the observations of e-, and experience some of the monumental moments in the history of Electrons, Electricity and Electronics. All this for a daily reading investment modestly more than this description!

Note: Life as an Electron is unfinished, and will likely remain so.

An abandoned blogfic

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Listed: Nov 19, 2009


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Jumping around

By Von, member

Dec 5, 2009: A very interesting book with a completely unique perspective. I am only about ten chapters or so in (the chapters don’t have numbers) and enjoying it. It is very different from pretty much anything else you will read here or anywhere.

I find the chapters a bit too short, making for lots of clicking on ‘next chapter’ kind of thing (in this case, ‘newer post’). The story is a bit more of a science lecture than a real story, and could use some footnotes for those of us whose basic chemistry is years behind us.

But definitely worth reading if you like that kind of thing.

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