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Lionheart Leaks by Richard Tattoni

In radio, everyone can hear you scream! 

Lionheart Leaks is a series of POV installments from employees in the media industry. It’s the deliriously exciting start to a mission from a group of 20-something underachievers struggling in life. They’re paid to work in radio for Lionheart Incorporated™, a new media company. While working for this very ambitious and corrupt company, the employees form fast friendships before learning they have been duped by the owner. After a friend dies, employees secretly form Lionheart Leaks and they get back at the founders of Lionheart, but their plan gets rudely sabotaged. This is the beginning of a new novel to be finished offline and fully released in the future.

Note: Lionheart Leaks is unfinished, with no recent updates.  It contains pervasive harsh language; also, some graphic sexual content and graphic violence.

A partial series, with no recent updates

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Listed: Mar 14, 2016


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