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Excellent Storytelling… and Successfully Creepy

By Scott Scherr, author of Don't Feed The Dark

Jan 20, 2016: Listening to the Other Side begins behind the scenes at a live show with psychic medium, James Erik, as he shows us from his perspective what it’s like to ‘bamboozle’ a sold-out crowd into believing that he is communing with their dead loved ones.

From the very first chapter, the author grabs and entices this reader, with an exceptional first-person narrative, and makes me feel like I was right there at the show as he educates me on how ‘hot and cold readings’ are conducted, bringing to life the illusion, and how easy it is for James to successfully ‘con’ the crowd into believing anything he wants them to believe.

As this tale progresses, we learn more about the making of Mr. Erik, from his abusive lifestyle as a celebrity, to his strained relationship with his wife, to his volatile temper, to the tragic death of his parents, all adding up to a fascinating backstory which builds very nicely towards an ironic turn of events later in the story.

For me, the overall strength and driving force of this tale is how believable the author has made this character who struggles with the elements of his past that have made him who is today, while establishing a strong foundation for some interesting future chapters.

I also found the author’s introduction of supernatural elements combined with reality well-balanced and grounded in the sense that this story never loses its believability by completely leaping off the cliff into the fanciful. That’s what makes Listening to the Other Side such a chilling read at times.

My only criticism of this work, along with some minor typos, are some predictable story elements introduced later on that are forgivable because the author uses the elements in some very creative and unpredictable ways, lending to some great storytelling.

All in all, I highly recommend Listening to the Other Side for anyone who enjoys a great building supernatural thriller. This is definitely a page-turner and at times this story will successfully creep you out, leaving you wondering if you truly are alone when it appears that you should be . . . or if someone or something else is standing right next to you.

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