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A promising story

By donutguru, author of The Rat Messiah

Nov 13, 2016: This story starts with a text message exchange, which is what drew my attention. It’s a good idea, and it has sparked some ideas for me in my own writing. Along with the texts, there’s pictures sprinkled in here and there to give a feel for the setting. Personally, I like that.

The story is still relatively short, and it didn’t take me long to get through the first five pages. Here’s what I can say. The writing is very clean and engaging. The conversations flow well. There’s enough action and emotion to keep me reading without anything that distracts me from the story. The characters are not as well-rounded as I would like, but we’re just getting started. There’s a few surprising scenes here already.

The pace may be just a little too fast. I don’t feel like I’m getting enough of a feel for the characters. Like I said, it’s still just starting out, so maybe I’m being impatient. There’s also a couple of large sections where the back story is presented in a rough outline. I’d prefer the "show don’t tell" approach. Neither of these facts will keep me from continuing with the story though. So far, it’s very good.

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