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Editor’s First Look – Sweet Romance

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Dec 30, 2017: Love, Late begins with a heartbreak, and then things start to look up. The main character, Claire, has been dating Noah, her best friend since childhood, and now that he’s become her lover, she declares her love for him, only to have him deny that he loves her and break up with her on the spot.

The author does a great job of conveying to the reader how heartbreaking this is for Claire, but she goes on to fulfill a dream of hers and go to London to study for her culinary degree. The story really picks up when she comes back to town for a wedding and meets back up with Noah.

I enjoyed how the author gets us into Claire’s life, introducing her friends and family gradually, and setting the stage for the upcoming wedding. She does a good job of writing to make the reader feel the emotions the main character is going through, and to make it feel convincing.

I would recommend this story for anyone who likes romance, or even if you like a slice of life story told well.

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