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Magically Delicious

By MaddiroseX, author of Twisted Cogs

Apr 11, 2014: Mage Life does a very difficult thing for a fantasy serial; it balances character interaction with world-building, and it does both quite well.

The world of Mage Life seems to be a very fragile one, both physically and socially. In the physical landscape, magic has caused a great disaster that affected the land, leaving traces of magical imprints and dangerous creatures. The people themselves have also been affected by magic; society is still reeling from a recent revolution which overthrew the evil and oppressive class of magical nobles. Into this fragile world comes the powder keg that is Tristan Sodden, the youngest Mage ever to pass magical training. Through both his mishaps and triumphs, we are given a wonderful glimpse into a world with a very complex and beautiful magic system.

The first handful of chapters were a little rough for me to get through, due to the grammatical and technical difficulties of the author. Over the course of the serial, however, the author shows marked improvement, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they take what they’ve learned back to edit from the beginning. For that reason I would highly recommend getting through them even if one is a stickler for grammar.

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