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Magician’s Merger by Xenophon Hendrix

Eleven-year-old Arthur wakes up to find an ancient wizard sharing his brain. 

Arthur is living in an alternate North America in which the USA never broke away from Britain. The technology level is mid-1970s. One day, Arthur wakes up and finds an ancient wizard sharing his brain. It is a growing-up story, at least for now, and meant to be episodic rather than tightly plotted.

Note: Magician’s Merger contains some harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: Jul 22, 2008


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Magic and Little Boys

By Sonja Nitschke, editor

Aug 7, 2008: I think my first thought when I read this was something along the lines of, What, he’s eleven years old? He sure doesn’t sound eleven years old.

Which is, of course, easily explained since the magician is so much older than an eleven year old boys.

But as more children were introduced, I got that same sense of maturity that didn’t really jive with their ages—especially since a lot of the harsh language comes from their mouths.

It’s not a major part of the story so it’s easy to imagine them a little older in my head.

As the characters are more mature than their age, so is the writing style. However, even though the sentences were short and to the point, I did find it a bit stiff and monotonous at times.

For the most part I liked the story. There were some scenes that didn’t jive with me, for example, when another character is described as morbidly obese, it is inferred that he does not have a chance with a relatively attractive girl and other appearance motivated thoughts regarding relationships.

Magician’s Merger starts out as a slice of life sort of story, but towards the late-middle parts, take a decidedly darker turn of events. The end is especially grim since Arthur is still, even with an ancient magician inside of him, eleven years old.

All in all, I found it worth the read.

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He’s eleven going on a thousand

By Linda Schoales, editor

Jan 14, 2009: “Magician’s Merger”, is an interesting story of an 11-year old boy remembering he was once a 1000-year old wizard. Artie, the 11-year old, wakes up to find himself in a hospital with two sets of memories. He has his own, plus that of a 1000-year old wizard named Ursus. Artie finds out that after coming down with chicken pox he fell into some kind of deep sleep that the doctors still can’t explain. Despite the lack of diagnosis, they let him go home where he starts doing the homework [more . . .]

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