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Editor’s First Look – Compelling Fantasy

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Dec 27, 2018: Maiden’s Moon is a fantasy tale that does a good job at drawing the reader slowly into its world. We initially start following two very different women – one who carries a plain looking but magical instrument to a competition in one of the most populous cities in her world, and one who is a bit of a bookish misfit in her warlike community.

I liked how the author gradually introduces her world and its intricacies and traditions to the reader, and how we get a feel for these characters and several others who join in, as well. Her world is full of different kinds of magicks and numerous races of people, some of whom are feared or discriminated against, and others who are tenuous trading partners at best of one of the main cultures that the story centers around.

We eventually learn that a number of these characters are on different ends of the same quest to throw off a despotic ruler who has reigned for many years, long beyond normal lifetimes, and to stop the dark magicks that he has conjured up. I encourage those who are fans of fantasy, particular those types of stories including mythical and magical beings, to read on and find out how successful they are.

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