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Sex and Danger, with a heart

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Dec 26, 2010: Rupert, an ex-military man living in South Africa, has plenty of money and plenty of time on his hands – I’m sure we’d all love to have his problems. What he doesn’t have is a lady to share his life with, so his daughter encourages him to try an online dating site, and soon he has made contact with an attractive young student, Daise. While it’s a little weird that she’s younger than his daughter, he’s determined to be a gentleman about it and invites her for an all expenses paid, no strings attached vacation to see if they’re compatible.

Once Daise learns she can trust him, she opens up to him about a terrible situation that she and her best friend are facing back in the Ukraine. Her friend was raped and forced into prostitution, and the criminal organization has its eye on her too. To rescue them and keep them safe, Rupert realizes he has a fight on his hands . . . .with a very nasty villain.

This novel takes on the real life travesty of human trafficking in the story of a man who suddenly has a real stake in it and an opportunity to do something. Once this part of the plot gets going, there’s a lot of danger, action, and military style maneuvers. There’s also a strong erotic element throughout this novel, so be warned this one’s NSFW. A lot of this novel could be called classic male fantasy, but it has a warmth, romance, and heart behind it, and a theme of fallible but tough and decent people fighting back against the bad guys.

50 chapters have been posted, but nothing has been posted for several months, so I hope the author will be inspired to continue.

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