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By Winna, member

Jan 2, 2014: I’m an agnostic, as well as an astrophysicist. I found this story, so far, to be quite entertaining. The Editor, Chris Poirier, missed the point of the early chapters. Though, when he had reviewed it, not much had happened.

Since then, the story has evolved quite a bit.

I believe the robot’s sentience is new, in other words, he thinks like a child. Which leads to some wondrous descriptions of our universe, which is extremely "devoid of life". As an astrophysicist, I can tell you, that this depiction of the universe is pretty spot on, and I’d love to learn where the author’s understanding of the natural world stems from. Because, he seems pretty knowledgeable on the subject.

The story has evolved into a bit of a political diatribe, but I think the author is simply setting up the time-period the robot’s exploring. Meaning we should see a bit more of the lifeforms inhabiting the universe, but I hope he returns to the exploration aspect of it. That’s not to knock the newer posts, it’s getting pretty damn exciting.

Another note, the robot seems to be on the fence about religion, let me quote; "But, if there is a creator, then why would He put so many things out of view." From Chapter 1, Post 2, "Drifter" I think this little automaton comes off as religious, simply due to him pondering his own existentialism.

If he does believe in a "deity", it’s probably the same type of "god" that most astrophysicist theorize about, which is the starting point from which the universe stems.

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