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By Palladian, editor, author of Super

May 3, 2015: Max Holding On is sort of like riding a roller coaster – it might be terrifying in turns if it was your own life, but reading about it simply allows you to appreciate the ups and downs and enjoy the thrills. The author writes the chapters in either a letter style (to the protagonist’s dead sister) or in sort of a diary style, and the result is something that makes the story shine.

The author has a great talent in making the characters in the story come alive, and I really felt like I was right there with Max as she went to a backwoods wedding or entered a baking contest in her young mentor’s name, or in any of the other crazy situations she gets herself into. The story is both hilarious and touching by turns, sometimes side by side, and the author has a talent for making the reader feel it, whatever the prevailing sensation happens to be.

The writing is very strong, with very few typos to throw you out of the experience and the way she writes the protagonist’s thoughts and the dialogue between characters feels real. I should mention that it doesn’t appear that there has been a new entry in a while, but I really recommend this story nonetheless, since it was a unique and positive experience for me. If you like slice-of-life stories with strong first person narration, this is the story for you, too.

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