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Mayan Calendar Girls by Team 2012

An Episode Each Week Until The End Of The World 

A four book countdown until the Mayan Calendar’s last date, 20/12/2012.

A rambling maze of several connecting stories, all involving some attractive young women and wild-assed guys. And all, without knowing it, in pursuit of the mystery of the End Of Time.

The lovely young Mayanologist, the rapacious lesbian industrial spy, the ReElect Obama manipulators, the dolphin groupie, the talking skull, the shroom-drenched fire dancer, the young Mayan girl who wants to leave her village and become a First Wold punker . . . they crisscross the Mayan Riviera (and each other) in a wild, multi-headed romp.

Note: Mayan Calendar Girls contains some harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: Jul 5, 2009


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Editorial Reviews

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Interesting way to read a story

By Linda Schoales, editor

Mar 1, 2010: “Mayan Calendar Girls” is a surreal collection of unconnected chapters that are supposed to make up a story, if you read enough of them. Each chapter is interesting and the characters are fun, but the point of view jumps between chapters and there are few linear links between them. If you don’t mind reading a story in bits and fitting the bits together in your head, you might find the story a lot of fun.

The story seems to be about the Mayan calendar, the end of time, a crystal skull, several groups of people who are after the skull, drugs, dolphins, and people trying to hook up. There is a large cast of characters, including a Chinese expert in Mayan culture, a Mayan businessman trying to make money from his heritage, a stoned hippie living in the bush, and a woman who likes to swim naked with dolphins. There seem to be several plot lines running simultaneously. Some of the sequences read like a James Bond novel with bad guys tying the hero and heroine up, jet ski races, and gun fights. Others have a New Age feel such as the scenes with the dolphins or the chapter told from the point of view of a Mayan goddess watching a family over the generations. There is lots of bantering dialog, swearing, sexual fantasizing, and suggestive imagery. For example, a southern senator compares a woman’s breasts to Hershey’s kisses.

When you get to the main page of the site there is no link to the first chapter. There is a link to the last 5 episodes, a list of chapter names (no numbers), indices, scenarios (the names of places), tags (names of characters and things), and a keyword cloud. Clicking on any of these will get a chapter or two on screen but most of them aren’t linked. Reading the chapters as listed from top to bottom or vice versa doesn’t seem to work either. Clicking on a character’s name usually results in a few chapters in the character’s story line. Then you have to start again. It’s an interesting way to read a story but if you’re a linear thinker you may find it frustrating not to know where to find the next part of a particular plot line, or even if there is one.

If you’re interested in reading a non-linear story, there’s lots of fun and interesting plots and characters in “Mayan Calendar Girls”. The writing is a bit rough and a bit crude in places but it’s a good for a laugh.

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Most Helpful Member Reviews

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Apocalypse Cheesecake?

By Cammy May, member

Oct 4, 2009: I suppose I should be ranting about how sexist this whole thing is. I mean, the video alone . . .  Reducing the End Of The World to cheesecake and frat snickers? Awful.

Trouble is, I find myself getting a big kick out of this. It helps they led off with Aphra, the industrial spy described as "Indiana Jones meets Cleopatra Jones" at one point. She goes beyond sassy and it’s a scream that she’s working for a redneck Republican while her competition in [more . . .]

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Apocalypso Now?

By Linton Robinson, member

Oct 2, 2009: Man, it is SO great to run into something like this after wading through all the vampires and zombies and wizards and gay zombie vampire wizards!

This is just amazing, actually. Not just the integration of art and videos into it: that’s been done for sure. Or even the offhanded way of dealing with the whole 2012 deal. We might expect treatises on calendar mechanics and pyramids and cosmology, but no: we get girlies. And shrooms. And . . . are you [more . . .]

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