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Slow to start, but great once it hits.

By Is_Generally_Hostile, author of The Comatose Girl

Nov 12, 2016: This is a review swap.

This series is ongoing and currently sits at 18 parts.

Maywitch is about a young woman who is recruited into a shadowy quasi governmental quasi military organization of magic users who are tasked with keeping the rest of the magical world in line. The main character is forced into the organization under shady circumstances and is immediately thrown into the frying pan. She and her Maywitch cronies are up against and unknown threat which almost definitely has something to do with demon summoning and maybe even treachery from within the ranks.

I want to say this is slow, because I didn’t really find myself invested until at least chapter nine, at least. If this weren’t a review swap, I wouldn’t have made it that far. However, that’s not fair because I think the actual problem is that Maywitch is too fast, not slow. I wasn’t able to form any attachments to characters or settings or really get invested in the narrative. Everything interesting felt like it was glazed over extremely quickly and I would have loved to gotten a better look at things, such as the Maywitch organization itself or the peculiar system of magic in the setting.

But oh my god, let me tell you – I’m glad I stuck around and pushed through what I wasn’t enjoying because the good stuff is pure gold. The Maywitch organization sends its operatives undercover to infiltrate a group of demon summoners. It felt like Imperium, but with magic and demons as opposed to neo nazis. It was amazing and I wished that part of the story had lasted longer.

All in all, I think Maywitch is good, I just wish it had covered some things in more depth. I absolutely recommend it, for the infiltration scenes and what’s to come in the future based off the talent evident in those scenes in particular.

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