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Messenger in a Bottle by Jason Wileman

"Drink, Deliver, Repeat." 

The “Messenger” has to find a way to deliver. Unable to drive as a result of his alcoholism, he uses various modes of transportation to get around. This leads to frequent encounters with the strange and interesting people that populate buses and trains and drive taxis of the unlicensed variety. Everyday and every delivery is a struggle to avoid being found out by his colleagues. Not to mention the hangovers. But in the process he might just manage to impress one fellow courier in particular.

Note: Messenger in a Bottle contains some harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: Oct 22, 2016


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Some dark humour to brighten your day!

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Mar 19, 2017: "Black exhaust from a passing garbage truck drifts in through an open window. Someone starts watching a youtube video without headphones. The damage is done, this has become any other bus ride. It’s enough to make a person want to drink. But to be honest, that comes a lot easier for some of us than others."

The narrator of this story is going through a rough patch, or maybe is just a loser in general. He has a serious drinking problem (brings a flask to an AA meeting), can’t drive and doesn’t like bicycles, but he’s still trying to hold down his job as a courier, with varying success. If your life is going rather badly right now, perhaps it would be a relief to read about his? He recounts his mishaps with such dry humour, it certainly brought me a few smiles and lols. And though I’m silently rooting for him to get it together, the guy’s no fool; but he sure has some issues and a bit of an attitude too.

Gritty, wry, quirky city life reading. I love it!

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