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Some dark humour to brighten your day!

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Mar 19, 2017: "Black exhaust from a passing garbage truck drifts in through an open window. Someone starts watching a youtube video without headphones. The damage is done, this has become any other bus ride. It’s enough to make a person want to drink. But to be honest, that comes a lot easier for some of us than others."

The narrator of this story is going through a rough patch, or maybe is just a loser in general. He has a serious drinking problem (brings a flask to an AA meeting), can’t drive and doesn’t like bicycles, but he’s still trying to hold down his job as a courier, with varying success. If your life is going rather badly right now, perhaps it would be a relief to read about his? He recounts his mishaps with such dry humour, it certainly brought me a few smiles and lols. And though I’m silently rooting for him to get it together, the guy’s no fool; but he sure has some issues and a bit of an attitude too.

Gritty, wry, quirky city life reading. I love it!

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