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It’s good

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Jun 5, 2015: So yeah, urban fantasy with werewolves, vampires, witches . . . It’s been done to undeath, you say? Well, read this story anyway. Sure, the manifestation of these supernatural beings is fairly standard, though the explanation for how they interact with the mortal world is quite intriguing, and makes a weird amount of sense, almost enough to make you believe . . . no, don’t! Ha ha of course magic is only a myth.

Moving on. To not be just another urban fantasy, this story has some unique elements. Chief among them is the protagonist, a sympathetic soul with a mind warped by irrational fears and manga. An early chapter could be titled "The World’s Most Awkward Girl Goes on a Date". Only the most patient of gentlemen get through a date with Abigail! And yes, humour is another distinguishing characteristic of this serial. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, just like the heroine’s unique brand of silliness gets her through her terrifying life. Another thing that worked for me was the integration of the sexy first just Abigail’s bizarre and slightly kinky fantasies, but as a number of fantastic things turn out to be real Abigail may have more trouble with the concept that she might have a sex life than that magical beings are real. It’s a neat contrast, along with the way in which Abigail is so much better at dealing with real monsters than her imaginary fears. That said, there’s a bit of Tales of MU-esque suspension of disbelief required (yes, I’m comparing yet another serial to Tales of MU) in that almost everyone has the hots for the socially awkward, repressed, and (self-described) ordinary looking girl.

In sum, this story has heart, humour, titillation, excellent writing, and some truly creepy fae. The scene in which they first show themselves is truly chilling. That’s one of a series of exciting chapters, there’s also some parts where the pace flags a bit, but Midnight Moonlight is always a fun read.

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