Surprisingly Imaginative Protagonist!

By Oniwasabi, author of The Monster They Deserve

Jan 22, 2015: So, first thing I want to clarify here: I read this story and am writing a review because the author was so kind to review my own work, and I was a little surprised that no one had done so for her as yet. Urban Fantasy is NOT one of my favorite genres, hence why I am not trying to assign a star rating to this book. I will say that it held my interest long enough to read through the entirety (48 chapters) of book 1. If the story was interesting enough to keep me invested for that long, it should be a blast for real fans of the genre!

Okay, review time:

This story is told from the first person perspective, and EXTREMELY good first person at that. Our main character never acquires extra knowledge of people or events that she shouldn’t be aware of, she doesn’t ‘break character’ by changing tone or descriptive type (at least not to enough of a degree that I ever noticed it), and she is FANTASTICALLY imaginative. What really kept me invested long enough to finish book 1 was getting all the little imaginary tangents that whirl through the fractured mind of our protagonist. She’s a woman with some serious issues, probably in need of psychiatric help and medication, and she never stopped being interesting. Through our protagonist we get a detailed (in the frequent cases where her imagination is hijacked by her apparently active and highly curious libido, a little TOO detailed) description of all the people around her. She has a tendency to paint normal people around her into fantastical tales as kind of a coping mechanism for her neuroses, which leads to some truly hilarious tangents (the Chupacabracorn, fearsome Canadian offspring of a Moose, a Chupacabra, and a Unicorn!) There were also very few glaring typos or grammar errors, which is a huge bonus when reading a first person narrative since they tend to be even more jarring with that feeling of "this is being told directly to you by that narrator" that I get from good first person writing.

The story does take a lot longer than I expected to reach the actual ‘fantasy’ portion of ‘Urban Fantasy.’ I’m not sure if this is a point for or against it. I really liked that I got to get to know the main character and her life in a bit of detail before all the extra weirdness got thrown in, but if I recall correctly it’s the end of Chapter 13 (a quarter of the way through the book) when you get your first definite "Holy shit, MAGIC IS REAL!" moment. The other bit that threw me a little as I read was how condensed of a timeframe everything is happening in. From start to finish (probably 80,000 to 90,000 words) we pass through approximately two days of time in the story of our protagonist. I think on the balance that I liked the amount of detail crammed into these two days by the author, but it does lead to a feeling in a few places that the story is taking a really long time to advance towards the conclusion (but fear not! You’ll mostly be distracted by the main character as her brain provides a truly unhealthy focus on fantasy sexual activities of people around her!)

Overall I definitely recommend this story. Anyone into the genre should have a great time, and this should be a solid starter for people unsure about the genre.

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