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Far from run of the mill…

By Stormy, editor, author of Require: Cookie

Aug 22, 2008: (Review written after reading volumes 1-4).

Mill Avenue Vexations is brilliant. There. I said it.

Instead of reading the first few chapters, keeping a track of what I liked and what I didn’t, I was caught up in the story and was already at volume four by the time I looked up.

The story starts with a bang, but doesn’t fizzle out from there – it moves along quickly, but not at the expense of characterisation.

The mythology appears to be simple (for example, tarot cards are a large part of the plot), but subtle complications are weaved in – such as Vex’s inner demons. (Also, the tarot is explained as you go along, so there’s no need to worry – you won’t be left wanting for explanation as to what each of the pertinent cards mean).

Vex, and her supporting cast, are great – all are well-drawn from the get-go. (I also love the references to the many times Vex has punched people out – the world needs more feisty goth chicks).

Gore is alluded to, but not shown explicitly – this is a good technique, as one grows tired of reading in-depth descriptions of exactly how a body was mutilated.

I highly recommend it, and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the volumes.

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