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Sucked in

By Shutsumon, author of Tales of the First

Jun 8, 2010: I just spent my entire afternoon reading Mill Avenue Vexations, and this evening I find that I can’t wait until tomorrow to review it. Which is good because I’ve missed more than a few Wednesdays recently.

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love a good Urban Fantasy, and this is a good Urban Fantasy.

So without spoiling anything what can you expect? Magic and mayhem in the modern world obviously, a dash of romance, and it wouldn’t be Urban Fantasy without a world threatening supernatural danger.

The Good:

  1. Characterisation – the characters are wonderfully well realised, especially the main character Vex Harrow (part-time taxi driver and full time occultist).

  2. The layers of plot draw back one at a time and what seems like a simple supernatural problem, becomes something much darker. Said plot is obviously well thought out and planned as well.

  3. It avoids most of the cliches (vampires etc) of Urban Fantasy but preserves the essence.

  4. Nice site layout.

The Bad:

  1. I don’t like the prologue – at all. I mean it’s not badly written, but unless I missed something it’s putting the end first. Sure I want to know how things ended up there – which is probably the point – but I’d prefer not to know where I’m going.

  2. There are a few places where the pace and tension lagged and I found myself skimming. None lasted long enough to stop me reading, but it’s still less than ideal.


I liked it enough I donated (albeit not much – there’s a recession sadly).

Mill Avenue Vexations will appeal to Urban Fantasy Fans, so if that’s you go and check it out.

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