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Get Vexed!

By Spyral, member

Jul 25, 2008: Mill Avenue Vexations blends the rich street culture of Tempe’s Mill Avenue into a vibrant fantasy macrocosm involving the dark supernatural, an occult-powered taxi cab, and a Goth named Vex.

Remarkably engrossing, these volumes are not your ordinary work of dark fiction. They offer unique characters and strong plotlines that engage the reader into the eerily playful world of the paranormal.

As these adventures unfold, we learn more about Vex’s past and how it has shaped her career as a pentacle-wearing, wand-wielding cabbie. Besides the published volumes with the absolutely gorgeous cover art, there are some short stories on the fansite that are just as enjoyable, such as "I Do Not Want Fries With That" and the ever-popular "Hello Cory".

Vexations is a good read for us Phoenicians or anyone interested in tales of the paranormal with a dose of comedy and Gothic style!

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