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vexing tales

By teapot, member

Aug 23, 2008: I have a friend who, as a gift periodically sends me a box of books from Amazon. Often included are books of a type I would not have cast an eye over when surveying a bookshop shelf and many are delighted finds for me. One of these was a book called The Specter in the Spectacles by a writer called Kyt Dotson.

I then discovered that she has an on-line series of tales about a Vex Harrow . . . and who might she be?

Do take a look here –

Vex drives a taxi and encounters all manner of threats, problems and oddities in her journeys around Gotham . . . wherever it might be. It is world containing magic, adeptly or clumsily enacted and startles the reader by appearing in the most commonplace of situations.

Vex is creative . . . she sees what needs to happen and she makes it happen. She deals with standard woes and more often than not ones that are deeper, darker and more beset with the casual stance practised evil takes.

Voices speak to her and are often ignored until their message becomes more urgent, more realised or enticing.

She carries on with an uneasy persistent feel that no matter what efforts are taken the rot is out there.

And she is not alone . . . there are continuing characters in various guises that offer support, comfort and often ripples of the light of laughter.

The stories are Innovation and modern with tags of those fears that all feel . . . and provide a delicious sense of dread and deepening dark . . . and her taxi . . . a most astonishing vehicle.

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