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Modern Magick by Charlotte E. English

Old Magick. New World. 

In the 21st century, little remains of magick save scattered, beleaguered pockets of magickal community and scholarship—and a vast, but rapidly decaying, heritage. How can any of it survive the pace of modern life?

As an agent of the Society for Magickal Heritage, Cordelia “Ves” Vesper has an important job: to track down and rescue endangered magickal creatures, artefacts, books and spells wherever they are to be found. It’s a duty that takes her the length and breadth of Britain, and frequently gets her into trouble. But somebody’s got to keep magick alive in the modern world, and Ves is more than equal to the job.

In the first adventure, Ves meets her new partner, the Waymaster Jay. Their mission? Find the source of a magickal disease that’s decimating Britain’s troll enclaves—and fix it. Simple in theory, tricky in practice, for the only place that might hold the information they need is the ancient and inconveniently lost enclave of Farringale . . . 

Note: Modern Magick contains some harsh language.

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly

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Listed: Aug 26, 2018


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Annoying but readable

By AVR, member

Sep 14, 2018: The setting’s more or less the English upper class with magic; while there are jobs they look and feel more like hobbies of the idle rich. (OK, a couple of thoroughly anglicised Indians have jobs where they’re valued technical specialists.) Anything outside this is either out of scope or doesn’t exist in this world, which of the two isn’t always clear. The protagonist is well adapted to and perfectly happy in such a world.

Don’t assume this is going to change, if you find it annoying you’re going to live with it or stop reading. Anyway, there’s a readable series of young adult novels with mildly challenging adventures here. The magic system is reasonably consistent. The protagonist is entirely the author’s fantasy though and shows no signs of being anything other than wish-fulfilment.

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