Stuck in a time loop? Don’t just sit there and waste your time! Learn something!

By KitCat, member

Dec 30, 2017: Mother of Learning is a fantasy/mystery/adventure/etc about a person stuck in a time loop. It is a long novel, almost 600,000 words right now, and it’s not done quite yet but the author is good about regular updates. This book is suitable for young adults and older. There is some swearing, including a few f-bombs. No sex stuff, and there’s a fair amount of fighting but no blood and guts.

The Good: The main character is well developed, unlike some novels that I’ve read. As we read, we learn about Zorian’s past and why he is the way he is, and as he has adventures he changes. Think about a lot of stories, especially series, where the characters don’t learn and grow. Mother of Learning is not like that. The other main character in the time loop is also described pretty well and grows. Most of the other characters don’t grow much, but that’s because they keep getting reset because of the time loop. The grammar and mechanics of this story are excellent.

The Bad: Unfortunately, the author, nobody103, has been working on Mother of Learning for more than six years. And it’s Not. Done. Yet. (On the good side, he’s good about updating.) Characterization of secondary characters isn’t so good. The magic system has too many ways to get magic done (potions, alchemy, spellcasting, telepathy, and more) without showing how they’re related.

My Recommendation: I recommend it for anyone who likes fantasy and isn’t scared by a long book. I have nothing more to say on that because I really like this book and think it’s suitable for everyone.

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