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Mountain Sound by Saf


With the cities aflame and massive warships silhouetting the sun, the human race is once more on the verge of destroying itself. The countryside was supposed to be far from the war, but death spreads like a virus—not that Efa would know. An android built for many jobs, Efa was given only one: to protect the sheep placed under her care.

Until a dying girl stumbles upon the flock, shattering Efa’s peaceful existence and forcing the android to think beyond her basic programming. The war is coming—has already come—raising new questions neither of them can answer alone. All Efa knows is that she cannot abandon her sheep.

Note: Mountain Sound contains some harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: Jun 6, 2016


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Loving Yourself in a Future War

By Thedude3445, author of Rainbow Destructor

Oct 26, 2019: We aren’t given much context for the events of Mountain Sound. Practically the entire story takes place in one secluded farm out in the mountains of some unknown country in some unknown part of the world in some unknown time in the future.

And that’s okay, at least for this ten-chapter web miniseries. The story is about two women— the robot Efa, living a lonely life as a sheep herder and realizing that she is having more wishes than her programming should allow; and Harper, a young girl who has been scarred by the horrors of war, trying to escape after already losing so much. Two women that meet and bond over trying to come to terms with themselves in this respite from the raging battles nearby.

Mountain Sound is almost entirely about these two characters trying to understand themselves while helping each other. For Efa, it’s in literally trying to understand herself and her existence as an individual, despite being a robot programmed for a very simple task. For Harper, it’s in figuring out exactly who she is in a world where nearly everyone she ever loved is gone. Both protagonists have to help each other learn to love themselves, even in the midst of this massive war.

You’d think that this would be a highly internal and emotional story, but it’s actually not. If I would liken it to anything, it’d be more to a sci-fi pulp story; it’s fast-paced, deals with some weighty concepts, but makes sure to keep you entertained more than delving deep into itself. The story takes some event-filled turns later on that have some actual action in them, which I never expected, and while I’m not sure that was my favorite decision, it played out quite well anyway. Mountain Sound here, then, would be kind of like Enemy Mine, but the movie rather than the novella; it’s got your strong duo and emotional bonding, but it makes sure to put an action climax in to keep the appeal wide.

There is a case to be made here that this miniseries has a queer coming-out narrative embedded in the subtext, that the story is something of an allegory for accepting your own identity, even if that’s contrary to everything around you. Aside from allegory, Harper herself is heavily implied to be queer herself, but there isn’t anything overt here.

Mountain Sound is a refreshing sci-fi miniseries, a character drama in a medium that still largely celebrates action-adventure over anything else. And because it’s only ten chapters long, there’s little excuse for you to set aside an hour or two and dig into this little story. I recommend it!

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