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Music Masters by Hejin57

Music forever. 

Music gives us life, and we give life back to music. In a world very much like ours, there are those who listen to music, and then there are those who truly listen to music. Since the dawn of the Classical period, these people have called themselves Music Masters; those who gain fantastical powers from the sound of music. Centuries later, and one disco-loving Michael Kay would discover himself to be one of those very same Music Masters. But how long will his once peaceful sanctity of sound last? Little does Michael know that there are allies, enemies, and Zero Beat abound, as he begins the auditory quest to discover what it truly means to be a Music Master.

Note: Music Masters contains some harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Aug 12, 2018


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A popping, colorful, musical jam

By Thedude3445, author of Rainbow Destructor

Mar 4, 2019: Despite the tags, this is definitely a superhero story, about a group of four teenagers with music-based superpowers who save the world by fighting cartoonish villains who also have music-based superpowers.

While most of the web fiction community is focused on more serious sci-fi, fantasy, or drama, Music Masters goes full on Saturday Morning Cartoon on us, bringing a story quite unlike anything else you’ll find on the website. It really feels like a comic book brought into prose (and knowing [more . . .]

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A Teen Hero Cartoon In Prose

By Sharkerbob, author of Graven

Jan 5, 2019: Michael is a disco-loving young man who’s passion for music leads him to discover a mysterious power: by focusing on certain songs, he can manifest various superhuman abilities for as long as the music plays! This discovery very quickly leads to encounters with others like himself, and he is soon thrust into dangerous adventures within the secret world of Music Masters!

The main analogy Music Masters makes me think of is a teen adventure cartoon in prose. The conceit of the [more . . .]

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Unique and Fun

By samberk, author of Stasis

Dec 23, 2018: The foundation of Music Masters isn’t a very unique one: a young hero discovers that they have the ability to wield special powers, and goes off to the world to develop them, making friends and enemies while on their journey. Though the concept itself is rather conventional, I think that the small details and ideas added to the work do set this story apart from the rest, in a way.

Just like Rhodeworks stated in their review, if I had to [more . . .]

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