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Unique and Fun

By samberk, author of Stasis

Dec 23, 2018: The foundation of Music Masters isn’t a very unique one: a young hero discovers that they have the ability to wield special powers, and goes off to the world to develop them, making friends and enemies while on their journey. Though the concept itself is rather conventional, I think that the small details and ideas added to the work do set this story apart from the rest, in a way.

Just like Rhodeworks stated in their review, if I had to describe the vibe Music Masters gives me, I would say that it’s very reminiscent of a late ’90s/early ’00s cartoon. The writing style is upbeat and fun, and the music and colorful illustrations only help to establish this vibe. The songs fit well into their scenes and the author clearly put a lot of time into picking and implementing them into their work. Admittedly, if you’re a fast reader it can be a bit jarring to have to stop one song in its middle and start another while reading a scene, but honestly that’s just me being nit picky. The concept of music giving people superpowers is pretty quirky and stimulating and I’d say that you have to listen to the music while reading in order to get the full immersive experience.

Another thing that I think is good about Music Masters is its characters. They can be a bit tropey at times, especially in the earlier chapters, but they’re lovable and familiar, and surprisingly well developed. Their personalities bounce off each other well and I can’t say that I ever find myself bored with one of them. This may just be because I read chapters sporadically, but I sometimes find it hard to keep track of some of the more minor characters, especially after PoV switches or during fight scenes. It’s quite easy to remember them again after a few moments of dialogue though because they’re just that distinctive. The author clearly loves all of his characters and I think that shows.

If I had to give one point of criticism, I would say that the writing style can be a bit juvenile at times. Especially with dialogue; it can be a little difficult to figure out who is speaking and there’s quite a bit of telling instead of showing (e.g. saying outright that a character was determined or angry instead of simply showing it through their actions or the dialogue itself). It’s certainly not anything that makes the story unreadable though, in fact you could even say that it helps cement the to-the-point, cartoonish feel that the author was going for.

Overall, I think it’s a pretty solid story and would recommend it to anyone who wants more of a light-hearted, innovative read instead of the grittier works that seem to permeate the web serial scene.

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