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Mysterious Ways: A Divine Comedy by Daniel Piros


A Wiccan angel, a Microsoft-hating supercomputer, open source magic, an adorable werecat nap-god*, and other crazy ideas lie within this story about mortal gods and computer scientists.

A humorous excursion into the dark, abysmal unknown of the universe, society, religion, and human nature . . . with KITTENS!!*

*Kittens coming soon. Actual adorableness may vary based on how much you love kitties.

Note: Mysterious Ways: A Divine Comedy contains some harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Sep 6, 2013

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Not Your Momma’s Angels

By Billy Higgins Peery, author of A Bad Idea

Sep 9, 2013: In the ninth chapter, our angel protagonist says to his teacher, "STOP IT, YOU CRAZY B****!!" The teacher responds, "GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SH**!!"

Suffice it to say, I love this serial. It’s only ten chapters in (the chapters are only 1,000 words-ish, maybe less), but already it’s made me laugh a number of times.

The protagonist—Alex—is a pretty rebellious angel, who somehow manages to not get kicked out of angel school. These are not Milton’s angels, as evidenced by the fact that they seem to be a species of their own, used by God but not necessarily created by him?

It should be incredibly obvious that this story is not for hardcore Christians. However, this isn’t pure Christian satire, on the level of something like Mark Twain’s Mysterious Stranger. The world has a God-esque creature, but as is mentioned in the description—and only alluded to in the tenth and most recent update—there are a variety of gods, so this earth must have some pantheistic system.

I imagine we’ll get to that more when the plot starts gearing up, but as of right now the serial has mostly consisted of jokes and character bits. (In his "Links" section Piros says that he’s a fan of webcomics, and I think the webcomic-y tongue-in-cheek style is in full force here.)

This story is completely unlike anything else that I’ve read online, and a part of me wants to give it five stars. However, I took half a star off for what seems like unnecessary perspective-shifting.

I took the other half of the star off for his schedule, which is one small post every other week. I just don’t think there’s enough volume there to sustain reader interest, so I think this might be a serial I drop into every six months to catch up. I read ten posts in under an hour, and that was five months of his work. The schedule just stretches this serial too thin.

Despite all that, Piros has a great prose style, a quick wit, and a main character whom I find relatable and compelling. I heartily recommend his work here.

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