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Nature’s Kingdom by Moonfeather

Do you have what it takes to Fight for your Wish? 

Worlds are changing. With the rapid increase of hallowed, metahumans, and superpowered beings, hints of events with cataclysmic proportions can be seen on the horizon.

Phenomena that has not been witnessed since the Age of Gods.

Mercy Gaunt, a somewhat popular teenage girl, finds her life turned upside down as she is dropped into the world of ‘Capes’ and mythical beings. A world of war, conspiracy, and political intrigue. Full of battles that have lasted millennia with deep grudges that had taken root in the past.

As she remembers her childhood dream for utopia, Mercy must decide if she has what it takes to protect the people she loves.

Note: Nature’s Kingdom contains pervasive graphic violence; also, some harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Jan 25, 2016

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Modern High Fantasy Shenanigans

By TanaNari, author of Price

Nov 7, 2017: Note: As of this review, there are only 13 chapters to the story and it’s nowhere near completion. This is a preliminary review, and it may change a great deal as it progresses.

I’d say without hesitation that the author’s greatest strength is bringing the characters to life. They have their own unique voices and personalities which shine through from the moment they’re introduced. Our main character is in over her head, but she keeps some semblance of goals in mind [more . . .]

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A Rather Fitting Reflection of Nature

By Loud Thomas, author of Battle is an Art

Oct 13, 2018: Quick warning, this was done as a review swap.

Onto the actual review, I find myself really liking Nature’s Kingdom despite the number of issues I take with it. So I’ll start with those then move onward to what I like.

My absolute biggest issue has to be worldbuilding. A lot of things can be introduced at any given moment, and not elaborated on to an extent at which I feel is [more . . .]

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Of Grasps, Reaching and Potential

By Rhodeworks, author of Not All Heroes

Oct 7, 2018: Nature’s Kingdom is an ambitious, sprawling story that doesn’t seem to acknowledge its potential. Because it has potential but it gets in the way of itself, which, as a reader, I found somewhat maddening.

Is it one of the worst written serials I’ve seen? No. In fact, I didn’t really notice anything in the sense of grammar or spelling issues. The serial has my usual bugbears, particularly some excessive adverb use, but it’s a rare serial that doesn’t. Is it one [more . . .]

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