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Night of the Loving Dead by Tim Kay

Love means more than ever when it feels like the world is trying to eat us alive. 

Death doesn’t have to feel like the end of the world. Zombie’s lives as they’ve known them are over, yet somehow they’re still standing. In the wake of all-consuming tragedy, they stagger forward, hands reaching out for the same people who once gave their lives hope and meaning. They need them. They’re hungry.

Unable to use their own brains, they remember only the most basic instincts, but not all zombies are completely mindless. For Kaveh, ending life as an immigrant and a chef, his instinct isn’t to follow the mob. His mortal remains cling to the leftovers of his culinary habits, and he stumbles onto something of interest in the people he encounters. His awareness increases the more he eats their brains.

As he begins a search for his new choice of ingredients, things get complicated when Lisa, a former ally, sees recognition in the man who ended his life to save hers. Meanwhile, Kaveh thinks he’s found someone who might feed both his thirst for understanding and his undying hunger for braaains . . . 

Night of the Loving Dead weaves a story of horror, romance and comedy about the emotional connections that mean more to us than ever when it feels like the world is trying to eat us alive.

Note: Night of the Loving Dead contains pervasive graphic violence; also, some harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: Oct 25, 2010


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Editor’s First Impression

By Linda Schoales, editor

Oct 24, 2010: The first chapter is well-written and starts right into the action. A group of people are barricaded in a building with zombies trying to get to them. Some people are already emerging as leaders, or are at least willing to try things.

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More Zombies? Neeeeeeeds more Heeearts than Braaaaaains

By G.S. Williams, author of The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin

Oct 29, 2010: "Night of the Loving Dead" seems like it has an interesting twist on the standard zombie story. The character Kaveh starts to regain some humanity after becoming a monster by eating the brains of other humans. It’s actually interesting irony, that the more he embraces the monstrosity to eat brains, the more human he’ll become—but once he starts being more human, will he be able to continue to kill and continue the process? It’s a Catch-22.

However, the story itself is [more . . .]

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The Jamie Oliver of Zombies

By MJones, member

Jan 2, 2011: It’s not every day you stumble upon a zombie love story that contains a zombified chef who considers himself the Jamie Oliver of the living dead. Kaveh, an immigrant from Iran, is doing his best to open up a Persian restaurant that is reflective of his culture. Unfortunately, during his effort to get a loan for his new restaurant, his dreams are crushed by a sudden horde of zombies who lay siege to the bank. He is bitten, and fatally infected, but before the disease fully takes hold of him [more . . .]

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