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Addictive story with engaging characters

By Jellybean, member

Feb 27, 2018: I love every update of this webseries. The setting is a slightly dystopic world with realistic attitudes towards superheroes, reminding me a bit of Worm but darker. There were moments in the story that made me cry (and others that made me cringe). I am not really into superhero stories but what keeps me interested are the characters that showcase the human condition and all of its flaws. I love their backstories and finding out why they do what they do. I find myself emotionally invested in two out of the three main characters in this story, but they are all equally interesting.

I enjoy this story and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys some good old-fashioned character development and succinct writing. Good quality writing here makes it easy to read and sometimes teaches me new words I haven’t heard before. It is a superhero story that doesn’t dumb anything down for readers which is rare in this day and age.

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