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Ehh, not for me

By linkret, member

Oct 29, 2018: Didn’t really click, for me. Felt like a budget version of Worm (even the design of the page), but maybe the comparison is unfair. I only got up to chapter 12 before completely losing interest. The perspective changes are so frequent it’s jarring, and almost nothing has made me feel interested about the characters. We just meet them, don’t really even get to know them or care about them, and all of a sudden we’re shown so much of their traumas (past and present), "deep feelings" and histories, it’s ridicilous.

We also spend a lot of time on their acquantances, who I care about even less. And the powers I saw so far were as basic as it gets. I disliked reading through Fisher’s chapters the most. "Mysterious" and "vague", it’s just boring: nothing actually happens. Leopard is barely any better. And Sabra’s can be too cringy, but I liked them better.

The writing is solid though, there’s a lot of thought put into the world and the characters, and there’s plenty of content, which is probably uploaded regularly. People seem to enjoy it, so it’s not bad. But I didn’t like it.

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