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By On The Edge, member

Oct 8, 2018: I’m writing this review based on everything up to the most recent chapter because I just had a moment where everything clicked. This is a great story, filled with depth, intricate world-building and fascinating, complex characters. Somehow Not All Heroes combines concise world-building with a fascinating depth, showing without telling.

The standout is definitely the characters and the characterisation of everyone. The story is about three people (Sabra, Fisher and Leopard) as they are each try to make a pretty grim, dystopian world a better place. Some of the character work is subtle and sublime and all of the cast, from the leading three to the wide supporting cast, all feel like real people, whether they’re a smarmy street thug or a shining demigod.

The story can be slow, especially over the first dozen chapters or thereabout, but it isn’t pointless. The author took his time setting up dominoes and they’re all starting to fall. The action scenes are often confronting and always tense. Overall, I think the story could move faster at times but everything feels relevant too.

What the most recent chapter made me realise is that this isn’t a story about superheroes per se as much as it is about heroism, going all the way back to figures like Achilles. It’s a very intelligent, grounded story that rewards thinking and isn’t afraid to engage with some very complex questions and I can’t wait to see where it all ends.

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