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Fine superhero fiction

By Walter, author of The Fifth Defiance

Apr 23, 2018: I thoroughly enjoyed my read through of Not All Heroes.

The author has taken on an ambitious task, the creation of a superhero universe as seen through the eyes of three disparate protagonists. They pull it off with panache.

Not All Heroes’ protagonists (despite the name, I wouldn’t go so far as to say heroes) bounce off one another in engaging fashion. Each has their own perspective on the ongoing mayhem, and the reader, who sees their sum, consequently gets the big picture.

The setting itself takes the notion of superpowered individuals seriously, showing us a world where their powers and battles have devastated cities and raised them from the ocean. Where supercomputers and super beings exercise outsized influence on the fate of the powerless ordinary humans, who grow resentful and violent at their so called protectors.

Fine fiction. Give it a read.

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