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Order and Entropy by K. Quistorff


For centuries there has been a tenuous peace through the ruins of the Corinthian Empire. One bought with the blood of countless thousands, and floundering in the shadows of a cold war fueled by magic, faith, and dragons. The memory of mages may be long, but time brings complacency, and ambition is a wolf ever circling at the door.

Three children are cast into the royal court of the small western kingdom of Avrale. A land caught between the true power brokers of their world. Yet the forces of fate spiraling around the Ashton children hint at a larger picture. That nothing about them is at all ordinary, even if all they want is to live their lives, and find their place in a world that seems to always have other plans. They will learn that gifts can be burdens, and that great power is never without consequence.

Note: Order and Entropy contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly

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Listed: Oct 15, 2017

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Biased by a fathers pride

By HansMassage, member

Nov 28, 2018: A compelling wordsmith, crafts his story so that you have no inclination to stop reading until you have to wait for the next installment. A different world that has problems like wee have despite it being a world where dragons can fly and warfare is done by magic. With commentaries that reveal the world that the story takes place in and the creative process of the of the creator of it.

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